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"And Buzzsaw," she added with an enthusiastic nod. "He is teaching me art. Mother said he was one of the only artists left on Cybertron."

She looked over at the sheet and reached for something to throw as well.

"Okay. Can I try?"

"Him too… And Zori and Chimera and Ravage," he added before giving the smuggest smirk he could. "Sure, you c’n try."

Steadying himself, he torqued his arm back and then tossed, allowing the arc of the crystal bit to land it with a tink off the piece of metal. “I think a lot of Optimus bein’ upset still means th’ fighting isn’t over.”


Her doors snapped down low on her back. She froze and hunkered down to wait and see if someone would come yell at them. When no one did, she started shifting through the pile again for something small to throw. Coming upon a broken piece of crystal, she offered it over to him.

Kinda lying is lying as far as she’s concerned.

"Prowl says Megatron hurt Cybertron with, um," she bit her lower lip plate, trying to remember, "dark energon and Father tried to fix it."

"That’s what th’ databases say," he murmured, blinking when the rubbish was handed to him and then examining it with fervor. "And then Dad and Optimus an’ the Autobots helped fix Cybertron. And the nice Decepticons, cus there are nice ones. Like Commander Starscream and Soundwave."

Looking across the way he pointed to a flat piece of sheet metal, ” Betcha I can hit that.”


Bevel frowned.

"That is lying," she said sternly and she watched him throw the rock. She pulled a rebar free and chucked it after the rock with a grunt. It clattered noisily to the ground. "Is it like when Ark said you were bad?"

"GAH! Gee-sus, Bevel… You don’t gotta make a lotta noise, they’re come make us go inside," he snapped, crossing his arms and sitting in a little ball of yellow and grey for a moment.

"Yeah it’s like when Ark said I was bad… An’… It’s kinda lying I guess," there was a pause while he thought about all of it, little dots connecting in his mind. "Megatron said that Optimus, Dad-Optimus, abandoned his universe for us, an that made a lotta people mad," he explained quietly, "But… Then we wouldn’t be here, right? So it can’t be too bad."


"Why would they not like him because of his job? He keeps everyone safe."

She shook her head. The video in question had been blocked to her access codes almost immediately after it had been published. Instead of concentrating on that, however, she settled for searching for something she could throw after his piece of rubble and settled on a twisted up piece of metal. It landed a few beyond his but had gone in a completely different direction from where she’d been aiming.


Watching that chunk of metal fly, he blinked and then rummaged around to find another.

“‘Cause of the fighting,” he replied. “That’s why I couldn’t tell no body he was… M’ Dad - It’s like.. You don’t know some body but you don’t like them because you heard stuff and other people made things up about them. So you jus believe that.”

Rigel paused, looking at the rock in his hand then out at the Quad. He’d literally just— BAH!

It was thrown as hard as he could.


Following him was easier now that she could tell where the ground was and she scrambled up the pile with sure steps. Once settled comfortably, she drew her legs up and stared at Rigel until he spoke.

"Why is Father yelling?" she asked hurriedly.

"He’s mad," he answered flatly while examining a smaller hunk of rubble and then tossing it across the quad. "Did you see th’ video that Megatro— Nah, you wouldn’taof."

Rigel paused, and then looked back to her, making sure he was sitting higher than she was. “I think it’s ‘cus people don’t like him ‘cus of his job. The Prime thing. So… I guess he’s tellin’ em som’thing.”


Only if you don’t mind a tag-along. Yelling never means anything good. Even when Father is the one doing it.

He doesn’t mind, and leads her up to one of the piles of debris that’s a little more sturdy than the others. It’s still on campus, like Dad had said he had to be, but it’s far enough from the housing quarters that he can’t hear the grown ups.



Optimus yelled.

He heard it.

Out to the Quad he goes.



« What do Princesses do? Other’n like… Be royal. »

«Train to be queens. Princesses have all sorts of public duties to support the king and queen. Human ones do charity things. We can do that.»

«…What is a charity?»

« Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh— »

A Google search later and:

« char·i·ty

 noun \ˈcher-ə-tē, ˈcha-rə-\

: the act of giving money, food, or other kinds of help to people who are poor, sick, etc.; also : something (such as money or food) that is given to people who are poor, sick, etc. »